Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My engagement ring

When my boyfriend proposed, he gave me the most beautiful engagement ring I have ever seen.  It looks old-fashioned, with a fair amount of artistic flair.  He said it was an Edwardian-style ring, and I have to say it is amazing!

As hip as I am to jewelry, I was not familiar with Edwardian jewelry.  It seems that King Edward VII of England started the style back around 1900.  His mother, Queen Victoria, had been a bit of a stodgy old thing, and Edward decided to be more of a party animal.  He like flashy things, and much of the jewelry and other designs of that time took on his name.

My Edwardian engagement ring has a single diamond set in a platinum band.  The setting has a number of smaller diamonds along the band and sides.  I don't know where he found this ring, but I suspect he had it custom made.  The cost had to be up there.  He does well at his job, and if he followed the traditional model of how much to spend, he spent a lot more than he should have on it.

This ring is absolutely beautiful.  He said the wedding bands are ready for us to see, so I hope that we can go and see them tonight.

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